Revista Intelligence Info, Volumul 3, Numărul 1, Martie 2024
Componentele războiului electronic – Strategii și tehnici

Sfetcu, Nicolae (2023), Componentele războiului electronic – Strategii și tehnici, Intelligence Info, 3:1, 11-21, DOI: 10.58679/II38042,   Components of Electronic Warfare – Strategies and Techniques Abstract Activities used in electronic/electromagnetic warfare include electro-optical, infrared, and radio frequency countermeasures; electromagnetic compatibility and deception; radio jamming, radar jamming and deception, and electronic (or anti-jamming) countermeasures; electronic masking, probing, reconnaissance and intelligence; electronic security; EW reprogramming; emissions control; spectrum management; and wartime backup modes. Traditional electronic warfare has three main components. Keywords: electronic … Citeşte mai mult

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